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Vocabulary Lists - Shopping, Clothes, Food

  • advertising campaign: a series of advertisements to persuade people to buy something
  • big brand names: large well-known companies or product names
  • to be careful with money: to not over-spend
  • carrier bag: bags (usually plastic) supplied by shops
  • customer service: the degree to which customers are treated well
  • to get into debt: to owe money
  • to give someone the hard sell: to put pressure on someone to buy something
  • high street names: well-known shops
  • independent stores: small shops independent of large companies
  • local shops: community shops
  • loyalty card: a card issued by a shop to allow customers to save money on the basis of what they spend
  • must-have product: a product that is very popular that a lot of people want to have
  • to be on a tight budget: to have a limited amount of money to spend
  • to be on commission: to pay someone in relation to the amount they sell
  • a pay in cash: to pay for something using coins or paper money
  • to pay the full price: to pay the full amount for something
  • to pick up a bargain: to buy something much cheaper than the normal price
  • to run up a credit card bill: to owe money on a credit card
  • to shop around: to try different shops to find the best deal
  • shop assistant: the person who serves customers
  • to shop until you drop: to do a lot of shopping
  • to slash prices: to reduce prices a great deal
  • to snap up a bargain: to buy something quickly that is being sold cheaply
  • summer sales: a period in the year when things are sold cheaply
  • to try something on: to see if an item of clothing fits or is suitable
  • to be value for money: to be worth the cost
  • window shopping: to visit a store to look at items without the intention of buying anything
  • Clothes and Fashion
    • to be on trend: to be very fashionable
    • casual clothes: not formal
    • classic style: a simple, traditional style that is always fashionable
    • designer label: a well-known company that makes (often expensive) clothing
    • dressed to kill: wearing clothes that attract admirers
    • to dress for the occasion: to wear clothes suitable for a particular event
    • fashionable: in fashion
    • fashion house: a company that sells (usually expensive) new styles in clothes
    • fashion icon: a person who is famous for their sense of fashion
    • fashion show: an event where modals show off the latest in fashion designs
    • to get dressed up: to put on nice clothes, often to go out somewhere special
    • to go out of fashion: to not be in fashion any more
    • hand-me-downs: clothes that are passed down from older brothers or sisters to their younger siblings
    • to have an eye for (fashion): to be a good judge of
    • to have a sense of style: the ability to wear clothes that look stylish
    • the height of fashion: very fashionable
    • to keep up with the latest fashion: to wear the latest fashions
    • to look good in: to wear something that suits you
    • to mix and match: to wear different styles or items of clothing that aren’t part of a set outfit
    • must-have: something that is highly fashionable and therefore in demand
    • off the peg: clothing that is ready made
    • old fashioned: not in fashion any more
    • on the catwalk: the stage that modals walk along to show off the latest fashions
    • a slave to fashion: someone who always feel the need to wear the latest fashions
    • smart clothes: the kind of clothes worn for a formal event
    • to suit someone: to look good on someone
    • to take pride in one’s appearance: to pay attention to how one looks
    • timeless: something that doesn’t go out of fashion
    • vintage clothes: clothes from an earlier period
    • well-dressed: to be dressed attractively
    • to be full up: to eat to the point that you can no longer eat any more
    • to be starving hungry: an exaggerated way of saying you are very hungry
    • to bolt something down: to eat something very quickly
    • to be dying of hunger: an exaggerated way of saying you are hungry
    • to eat a balanced diet: to eat the correct types and amounts of food
    • to eat like a horse: to eat a lot
    • to follow a recipe: to cook a meal using instructions
    • to foot the bill: to pay the bill
    • a fussy eater: somebody who has their own very high standards about what to eat
    • to grab a bite to eat: to eat something quickly (when you’re in a rush)
    • to have a sweet tooth: to enjoy sugary food
    • home-cooked food: food cooked at home from individual ingredients
    • the main meal: the most important meal of the day, usually eaten in the evening
    • to make your mouth water: to make you feel very hungry for something
    • to play with your food: to push food around the plate to avoid eating it
    • processed food: commercially prepared food bought for convenience
    • a quick snack: to eat a small amount of food between meals
    • a ready meal: see ‘processed food’
    • a slap up meal: a large meal
    • to spoil your appetite: to eat something that will stop you feeling hungry when it’s meal-time.
    • a take away: a cooked meal prepared in a restaurant and eaten at home
    • to tuck into: to eat something with pleasure
    • to wine and dine: to entertain someone by treating them to food and drink
    • to work up an appetite: to do physical work that leads to you becoming hungry

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    Sexy Fashion Trends Through The Years

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    Discussion points - Clothes and Fashion

    Clothes & Fashion

    About how much money do you spend on clothes a year?
    Do you like shopping for new clothes?
    Do you often buy new clothes?
    Do you prefer to go shopping or just browse? Why?
    Do you think men should be allowed to wear skirts?
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    Questions on Styles, Clothing and Fashion-based Stereotypes

    What would you think of a women who cut off all her hair and went around bald as a fashion statement?
    What do you think of a man who is bald for fashion's sake?
    What do you think of women who wear short mini-skirts?
    Do you think that the clothes we wear reflect what is inside us ?
    What do you think of people who always and only wear black?
    What do you think of people with tattoos?
    Do you have a tattoo?
    Do you know someone with a tattoo?
    What do you think of people with body piercing?
    Do you have pierced ears?
    Would you pierce other parts of your body?
    What would you think of a high school student who always wore very conservative clothes?
    What type of clothing do you wear when you are angry and you want to express yourself?
    What colors do you choose to wear when you are happy?
    Would you dress the same as you do in your country if you went to America for a visit?
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    UK Street Fashion - London


    Clothes and Fashion vocabulary


    Expressions with SUIT

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    Links - Fashion (+Clothes)

    listenaminute.com/f/fashion.html +пара заданий
    www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/news... +pdf
    www.trainyouraccent.com/a-fashion.htm +points to discuss
    efl-resource.com/materials/topic-based-esl-mate... - 1 аудио+1 видео

    www.dailyesl.com/clothing.htm +listening/vocabulary/reading
    efl-resource.com/materials/topic-based-esl-mate... - 20 вопросов



    Fashion - articles

    www.esl-lab.com/vocab/v-fashion.htm (Easy)+exercise

    Fashion - style of dressing, etc. popular at a particular time
    | current, latest, modern, new | growing | changing, passing - changing fashions in education This theory, though recent, is more than a passing fashion.
    | high - The store sells everything from sports clothes to high fashion.
    | designer - the influence of Italian designer fashion on the clothes industry
    | female, street, youth | architectural, cultural, intellectual
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    À la mode
    A stitch in time saves nine
    A wolf in sheep's clothing
    Bee in your bonnet
    Belt and braces
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    серия Young explorers by British Museum - a brief history of clothing

    From protection against the elements and harm to telling the rest of the world who we are, clothes have served us well over the many thousands of years we've been wearing them. This Young explorers video from the British Museum tells a brief history of clothing.

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