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Adjectives + "Money"

He thinks working in marketing is easy money. I think he'll find it's quite a different story.

bonus, extra
If you complete the project before next Tuesday, there'll be some bonus money.

The best way to feel good about any purchase is if it's been made with hard-earned money.

government, public, taxpayers'
It's not right to waste taxpayers' money on projects that benefit those who are already wealthy.

pocket, spending
Would you like a little extra pocket money this weekend?

gas, lunch, petrol, rent, etc
Could you lend me some lunch money today?

prize, grant, scholarship
They won a lot of grant money for their research into DNA.

stolen, dirty, bribe, ransom
I don't want your dirty money!

hush, protection
That gang is demanding protection money from every store on the street. It's scandalous!

pension, retirement
We plan to move to Hawaii with our retirement money.

counterfeit, fake
The police discovered more than $2 million in fake money.

Verb + "Money"

coin, print
The government printed a lot of money in 2001.

Let's count your money and see if you have enough to buy that.

bring in, earn, make,
The company brought in more than $4 million.

Could I borrow some money for this weekend?

I'll lend you some money until next month.

bank, deposit, pay in, pay into the bank, put in the bank
I deposited a large amount of money last Friday.

draw out, get out, take out, withdraw
She took $500 out of our account.

pay out, shell out, spend
They paid out more than $300 dollars for that lamp.

fritter away, squander, throw away
I hate it when you squander our savings!

hoard, save, set aside, stash away
They set aside $200 each week for savings.

contribute, donate, give
They donated more than $200,000 to charity last year.

give back, pay back, refund, repay
I'll pay you back the money by the end of next week.

She owes Thomas a lot of money.

Let's share the money we've found!

accept, take
I'm afraid I can't accept your money.

be worth
That painting is worth a lot of money.

change, exchange
I'd like to change twenty dollars please. Could you give me four five dollar bills?

allocate, earmark
The committee decided to allocate $50,000 for the project.

channel, direct, funnel
The program directs more than $5 billion to help the homeless.

embezzle, extort, siphon off, steal
He was charged with embezzling money from the company.

They used the internet to launder the stolen money.

follow thу money - жить по средствам

"Money" + Verb

come from something
Money for the exhibit comes from donations to the museum.

go to something
The money goes to research.

come in , flow in, pour in
The money just kept pouring in! It was amazing!

buy something
Who says that money can't buy happiness?

"Money" + Noun

management, manager
I think you should hire a money manager for your savings.

The money supply is very tight at the moment.

You can pay by money order.

Phrases with "Money"

bet money on something
Let's bet $400 dollars on the race.

get money off something
Ask if you can get some money off the display model.

get your money's worth
Make sure to spend the whole day at the park to get your money's worth.

on the money
Your prediction was on the money!

the smart money is on
The smart money is on Tom for the director's position.

throw money at something
Don't just throw money at the project. Make sure you demand results.

throw your money around
Peter throws his money around like it meant nothing.


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