of light and shadows
Полезный сайт как для преподавателей, так и для изучающих язык.
Что важно: помимо теории, которая есть практически на каждом сайте, здесь есть еще и упражнения, причем в достаточном количестве. Упражнения на лексику тоже есть, но их довольно мало.
Уровень - где-то до Pre-Intermediate/Imtermediate

From the creators: "We put our first exercises online in April 2000. Our target group: just a handful of students to whom we were giving private tuition then. A year later, we were very surprised to find that our exercises were used by approx. 20 visitors per day. They found our sites via search engines. This encouraged us to offer more exercises on the internet and in August 2001 we started ego4u. Now we have approx. 45,000 users per day, lots of them are regular visitors."

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