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1. English Grammar Placement Test
Elementary - www.world-english.org/test.htm
Intermediate - www.world-english.org/test1.htm
Upper Intermediate - www.world-english.org/test2.htm
Advanced - www.world-english.org/test3.htm

2. English Grammar Tests
коротенькие тесты на 6-7 вопросов

The Eight Parts of Speech
The 8-parts-of-speech test
What are adjectives?
What are adverbs?
What are conjunctions?
What are interjections?
What are nouns?
What are prepositions?
What are pronouns?
What are verbs?
Parts of Speech in Detail
Verb tenses test
Grammatical terms test
A test on pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs
A test on abstract nouns, compound nouns, collective nouns, and gerunds
A test on abstract nouns and concrete nouns
Grammar Terms and Definitions
abbreviations test
absolute possessive pronouns test
abstract nouns test
acronyms test
accusative case test
adjectives test
adverbs test
affix test
apostrophes test
apostrophes showing possession test
articles test
collective nouns test
compound adjectives test
compound nouns test
concrete nouns test
conjunctive adverbs test
coordinate conjunctions test
definite articles test
demonstrative adjectives test
demonstrative pronouns test
direct objects test
enumeration of adjectives test
future perfect progressive tense test
future progressive tense test
gender-specific nouns test
indefinite adjectives test
indefinite articles test
indefinite pronouns test
indirect objects test
interrogative adjectives test
interrogative pronouns test
non-countable nouns test
object of a preposition test
past perfect tense test
past perfect progressive tense test
past progressive tense test
plurals test
possessive adjectives test
possessive case test
present perfect tense test
present perfect progressive tense test
present progressive tense test
progressive tenses test
proper nouns test
simple future tense test
simple past tense test
simple present tense test
simple tenses test
Easily Confused Words
The main easily confused words test
accept except
advice advise
affect effect
allowed aloud
allude elude
alot a lot allot
already all ready
altar alter
amount quantity number
appraise apprise
bare bear
being been
beside besides
breathe breath
can may
canvas canvass
cite sight site
coarse course
complement compliment
comprise compose
council counsel
decent descent dissent
dependant dependent
desert dessert
disinterested uninterested
eg ie
elicit illicit
envelop envelope
fewer less
forth fourth
getaway get away
grisly grizzly
historic historical
If and whether
incite insight
Its its
lay lie
lead led
licence license
loath loathe
loose lose
past passed
plain plane
pore pour poor
practice practise
precede proceed
principal principle
raise rise raze
role roll
stationary stationery
storey story
than then
that which who
there their they're
too to
vain vein vane
waist waste
weather whether wether
who's whose
you're your
The main punctuation test
Test your knowledge of apostrophes
Apostrophes in time expressions (e.g. 2 years' pay)
Do you know how to use commas?
Quirks with parenthesis
Test your use of quotation marks
Useful grammar tests
An and a
Capital letters
Quirks with abbreviations
Too and to
Who and whom
Either/or and neither/nor
Writing numbers
All, all of, alright, and all right

3. Practice tests at C1 level
не только грамматика. Тесты разделены по сертификатам IELTS, CAE, TOEIC, etc.

4. Tests (A1-C2+)

5. tests (Beginner-Advanced)

6. Tests (A1-C2+)

7. Reading level test

8. 55 разных тестов

9. 20 тестов по 6 вопросов на все, включая фразеологию)
+ по темам

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