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It seems that more and more people nowadays are moving to the city, searching for employment, entertainment and excitement. However, there are still many people who yearn for a life in the countryside.

So, which is it? Do you crave the action of the city? Or is the country-life the only way for you? Oxford CultureMania debates the pros and cons of living in the city and living in the countryside.

City Living

The Pros

The Culture – In cities there is no shortage of sights to see, museums to visit, concerts to go to, restaurants to eat at, art galleries to explore, and films and plays to see at the theatre or cinema.

The Convenience – People have everything within easy access thanks to the transport system, or even within walking distance. That is why they don’t need to drive for miles in order to get to work, go shopping, or attend medical appointments.

The Opportunities – Living in a city offers people many opportunities that just aren’t available in small towns or villages. There far are more jobs, flats are more plentiful and many more options for schools and universities.

The Cons

The Stress – City living can be incredibly stressful at times: the traffic, the crowds and noise can sometimes feel overwhelming.

The Crime – There is no doubt that city life is less safe than country life. Crime rates are generally higher and some areas of cities can be dangerous.

The Cost – Living in a city is more expensive no matter if it’s going for a meal, going to the cinema, buying a home or anything else.

Country living

The Pros

Peace and Calm – Cities are filled with people and it is almost impossible to leave your house without seeing someone. In the country you can escape the noise of traffic and the stress of crowds.

Clean, Fresh Air – Take a deep breath confident, in knowing that the air you’re breathing is not contaminated by fumes created by cars and factories.

Feel Close to Nature – Being in the countryside and close to nature is incredibly soothing for the mind and body. Enjoy a breathtaking view or wake up to the sounds of birds singing, not the sound of traffic.

The Cons

Boredom – There is less to do in the countryside. There are no cinemas, fewer restaurants, your friends may live a long way away and your only neighbours may be trees.

Inconvenience – Going to the bank may be a full-day trip. Hospitals and medical centres are further away and this could be a problem, especially in emergencies. Even buying milk and the morning paper often involves a drive.

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