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Звукоподражательные слова - Onomatopoeia Word Lists

of light and shadows

  1. The cat says: "Meow-meow".
  2. The sheep says: "Baa-baa".
  3. The horse says: "Neigh-neigh".
  4. The dog says: "Woof-woof".
  5. The sparrow says: "Cheep-cheep".
  6. The rooster says: "Cock-a-doodle-doo".
  7. The hen says: "Cluck-cluck".
  8. The goose says: "Hhonk-honk".
  9. The turkey says: "Gobble-gobble".
  10. The goat says: "Maa-maa".
  11. The cow says: "Moo-moo".
  12. The donkey says: "Hee-haw".
  13. The pig says: "Oink-oink".
  14. The mouse says: "Squeak-squeak".
  15. The cuckoo says: "Cuckoo".
  16. The wolf says: "Owooooo".
  17. The frog says: "Ribbit-ribbit".
  18. The duck says: "Quack-quack".
  19. The crow says: "Caw-caw"

100 разных примеров

  1. The best part about music class is that you can bang on the drum.
  2. It is not unusual for a dog to bark when visitors arrive.
  3. Silence your cellphone so that it does not beep during the movie.
  4. Dad released a belch from the pit of his stomach.
  5. The bridge collapsed creating a tremendous boom.
  6. The large dog said, “Bow-wow!”
  7. Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night?
  8. My brother can burp the alphabet.
  9. Both bees and buzzers buzz.
  10. The cash register popped open with a heart warming ca-ching.
  11. The bird’s chirp filled the empty night air.
  12. Her heels clacked on the hardwood floor.
  13. The clanging pots and pans awoke the baby.
  14. If you want the red team to win, clap your hands right now!
  15. The cadets swelled with pride when they heard the clash of the cymbals at their graduation ceremony.
  16. The dishes fell to the floor with a clatter.
  17. Nothing annoys me more than rapidly clicking your pen.
  18. The bride and groom were not surprised to hear the familiar sound of clinking glasses.
  19. The horse’s hooves clip-clopped on the cobblestones.
  20. Those clucking chickens are driving me crazy!
  21. The dim-witted pigeon repulsed us with its nerve crawling coo.
  22. If you’re going to cough, please cover your mouth.
  23. The prisoner was terrified to hear the crack of the whip.
  24. We roasted marshmallows over the crackling fire.
  25. The two-year old crashed into the cabinet.
  26. The cabinet opened with a distinct creak.
  27. Dissatisfied with her work, Beth crinkled up the paper and threw it in the trash.
  28. The swamp frogs croaked in unison.
  29. The teacher heard the distinct crunch of ruffled potato chips.
  30. Jacob could not sleep with the steady drip-drop of water coming from the sink.
  31. The root beer fizzed over the top of the mug.
  32. The flag flapped in wind.
  33. Did you forget to flush the toilet?
  34. Daryl gargled the mouthwash.
  35. The wounded soldier groaned.
  36. As Tom got closer, the dog began growling.
  37. Juan had a hard time hearing the teacher over his grumbling stomach.
  38. When Mom asked Tommy how his day went, Tommy just grunted.
  39. Vince gulped down the Mountain Dew.
  40. The patient sounded like he was hacking up a lung.
  41. If you have the hiccups, you should try drink a glass of water.
  42. The snake slithered and hissed.
  43. If you see anyone coming, honk your horn.
  44. The wolves howled at the moon.
  45. The new pencil sharpener hummed efficiently.
  46. They knew that the principal was coming because they heard the jingle of his keys.
  47. Someone is knocking on the door.
  48. That cat will keep meowing until you pet it.
  49. John was disturbed by the strange moaning.
  50. The cow aggressively mooed at the passing freight train.
  51. Janet murmured the answer under her breath.
  52. While lounging in the slop pile, the pigs oinked excitedly.
  53. The hail pattered on the tin gutter.
  54. When he saw the cheese, the mouse could not help but to peep excitedly.
  55. The lunch lady plopped a scoop of something on Kristen’s tray.
  56. Billy will cry if you pop his balloon.
  57. After eating the knight, the dragon let out a puff of smoke.
  58. Most cats purr if you pet them behind the ears.
  59. The kind man shared his bread with the quacking ducks.
  60. My favorite singers have raspy voices.
  61. Tim would have stepped on the snake had he not heard the rattle of its tail.
  62. The race-car driver revved his engine.
  63. Our peaceful dinner ended when the phone began ringing.
  64. I secretly ripped up the birthday checks that my grandmother sent me.
  65. The lion’s mighty roar could be heard across the Savannah.
  66. The earthquake rumbled the foundations of our house.
  67. When the wind blew the leaves rustled.
  68. He took off so quickly that his tires screeched.
  69. When Reuben saw what he thought was a ghost, he shrieked like a woman.
  70. I love the sound of bacon sizzling on a weekend.
  71. You could hear the slap echo across the valley.
  72. The thirsty dog slurped the dirty water from the puddle.
  73. The young girl smacked her lips and spoke rudely.
  74. Frank smashed the can on his head.
  75. After making a rude remark, Jade snapped her fingers and rolled her neck.
  76. Having never left the city, Juan eagerly sniffed the country air.
  77. Tommy made me laugh so hard in the lunchroom that I snorted milk out of my nose.
  78. The paintball splattered against the windshield.
  79. Fat Pat did a cannonball in the pool and made a big splash.
  80. Mr. Morton told the student to spit out his gum.
  81. Angie sprayed her neighbor with the hose.
  82. Mark tried sneaking in the house but the squeak of his shoes woke up Mom.
  83. Jenna ran around the lunchroom squealing like a pig.
  84. When he sat down, the young boy squished the unfortunate critter in his pocket.
  85. The musician used a coin to strum the guitar.
  86. Shaun loved the swish of the basketball net.
  87. Mitchel gently tapped the ball into the hole.
  88. Time just keeps on ticking.
  89. Bobby threw his books down with a thud.
  90. That thump made us jump.
  91. If you see him, toot your horn.
  92. The rain trickled down the gutter.
  93. Birds tweeted long before Twitter did.
  94. The lawyer chased after the wail of the sirens.
  95. The bullet whizzed by his ear.
  96. Bob’s big dogs woofed at the unfortunate mail main.
  97. Beth’s little dog would not stop yapping.
  98. Spaceman Spiff zapped the alien with his ray-gun.
  99. Ronald zipped up his sleeping bag.
  100. The race car zoomed past the finish line.

179 звукоподражательных слов списком

  1. argh
  2. achoo
  3. ahem
  4. bang
  5. bash
  6. bam
  7. bark
  8. bawl
  9. beep
  10. belch
  11. blab
  12. blare
  13. blurt
  14. boing
  15. boink
  16. bonk
  17. bong
  18. boo
  19. boo-hoo
  20. boom
  21. bow-wow
  22. brring
  23. bubble
  24. bump
  25. burp
  26. buzz
  27. cackle
  28. chatter
  29. cheep
  30. chirp
  31. chomp
  32. choo-choo
  33. chortle
  34. clang
  35. clash
  36. clank
  37. clap
  38. clack
  39. clatter
  40. click
  41. clink
  42. clip clop
  43. cluck
  44. clunk
  45. cock a doodle doo
  46. cough
  47. crackle
  48. crash
  49. creak
  50. croak
  51. crunch
  52. cuckoo
  53. ding
  54. ding dong
  55. drip
  56. fizz
  57. flick
  58. flip
  59. flip-flop
  60. flop
  61. flutter
  62. giggle
  63. glug
  64. glup
  65. groan
  66. growl
  67. grunt
  68. guffaw
  69. gurgle
  70. hack
  71. haha
  72. hack
  73. hiccup
  74. hiss
  75. hohoho
  76. honk
  77. hoot
  78. howl
  79. huh
  80. hum
  81. jangle
  82. jingle
  83. ker-ching
  84. kerplunk
  85. knock
  86. la
  87. Lub Dub (heart beating)
  88. meow
  89. moan
  90. moo
  91. mumble
  92. munch
  93. murmur
  94. mutter
  95. neigh
  96. oink
  97. ouch
  98. ooze
  99. phew
  100. ping
  101. ping pong
  102. pitter patter
  103. plink
  104. plop
  105. pluck
  106. plunk
  107. poof
  108. pong
  109. pop
  110. pow
  111. purr
  112. quack
  113. rattle
  114. ribbit
  115. ring
  116. rip
  117. roar
  118. rumble
  119. rush
  120. rustle
  121. screech
  122. shuffle
  123. shush
  124. sizzle
  125. slap
  126. slash
  127. Slish
  128. slither
  129. Slosh
  130. slurp
  131. smack
  132. snap
  133. snarl
  134. sniff
  135. snip
  136. snore
  137. snort
  138. spit
  139. splash
  140. splat
  141. splatter
  142. splish
  143. splosh
  144. squawk
  145. squeak
  146. squelch
  147. squish
  148. Sway
  149. Swish
  150. swoosh
  151. thud
  152. thump
  153. thwack
  154. tic-toc
  155. tinkle
  156. trickle
  157. twang
  158. tweet
  159. ugh
  160. vroom
  161. waffle
  162. whack
  163. whallop
  164. wham
  165. whimper
  166. whip
  167. whirr
  168. whish
  169. whisper
  170. whizz
  171. whoop
  172. whoosh
  173. woof
  174. yelp
  175. yikes
  176. zap
  177. zing
  178. zip
  179. zoom

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