of light and shadows
Clear or Cloudy
Bright: (adjective) full of light; when the sun is shining strongly
Sunny: (adjective) the sun is shining and there are no clouds
Clear: (adjective) without clouds
Fine: (adjective) not raining, clear sky
Partially cloudy: (adjective) when there is a mixture of both blue sky and clouds
Cloudy: (adjective) with many clouds in the sky
Overcast: (adjective) covered with cloud; dull
Gloomy: (adjective) with dark clouds and dull light; some people consider this weather depressing
Sometimes the cloud lowers to ground level and it becomes harder to see…
Fog (noun)/ foggy (adjective): thick cloud close to land
Mist (noun) / misty (adjective): light fog, often on the sea or caused by drizzle
Haze (noun) / hazy (adjective): light mist, usually caused by heat

Types of Rain
Damp: (adjective) slightly wet (often after the rain has stopped)
Drizzle: (verb/noun) to rain lightly with very fine drops
Shower: (noun) a short period of rain
Rain: (verb/noun) water that falls from the clouds in drops
Downpour: (noun) heavy rain
Pour: (verb) to have heavy rain
It's raining cats and dogs: (Idiom) To rain heavily
Torrential rain: (noun) very heavy rain
Flood: (verb/noun) to become covered in water usually due to excessive rain

Cold stuff
Hail: (verb) when frozen rain falls as small balls of ice (hailstones).
Hailstones: (noun) the small hard balls of ice that fall from the sky
Snow: (noun/verb) frozen rain that falls from the sky as soft snowflakes
Snowflake: (noun) an individual piece of snow
Sleet: (noun/verb) snow or hail mixed with rain (often with some wind)
Blizzard: (noun) severe snowstorm with strong winds
Types of Wind
Breeze: a gentle wind (often nice or refreshing)
Blustery: blowing (strong) gusts of wind
Windy: continual wind.
Gale: a very strong wind
Hurricane/cyclone/typhoon: a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce winds and heavy rain.

What's the difference between a hurricane, a typhoon and a cyclone?
They are the same thing just with different names because of the region they are in.
Atlantic/Northeast Pacific = a hurricane
Northwest Pacific = a typhoon
Southern Hemisphere = a cyclone
Tornado: (noun) strong violent circular winds in a small area; a rapidly revolving column of air
In United States the word twister is often used instead of tornado.
Drought: (noun) Long periods of time without rain causing a lack of water in the area
A lot of the crops dried up because of the drought.
Forecast: (noun) A prediction of how the weather will be on a certain day
The forecast says it's going to rain tomorrow.
Lightning: (noun) A flash of light in the sky during a storm.
Lightning lit the sky many times that night.
Puddle: (noun) a small pool of water on the ground, usually after rain.
The kids jumped in the puddles on the way home from school.
Rainbow: (noun) an arch of colors in the sky formed when the sun shines through rain
I took a photo of a beautiful rainbow that was just above the lake.
Smog: (noun) a cloud of pollution hanging over a city (a fog of smoke)
The view of the city wasn't very good because it was covered in thick smog.
Sunburn: (noun) painful red skin caused by spending too long in the hot sun.
If you don't put on your sunscreen, you'll get sunburn.
Sunshine: (noun) the light and heat of the sun
I could feel the warm sunshine on my back.
Thunder: (noun/verb) the rumbling sound in the clouds that happens after lightning
The cat hid inside because it was scared by the thunder.

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