of light and shadows


  1. I (really) think that Е
  2. I believe (that) Е
  3. IТm sure that Е
  4. In my opinion / My opinion is Е


  1. I agree with Е
  2. I feel that Е
  3. I guess/imagine Е
  4. I have no doubt that / IТm certain that Е
  5. I strongly believe that Е
  6. IТve never really thought about this before, but Е
  7. My personal opinion is that / Personally, my opinion is that Е
  8. To be honest / In my honest opinion, Е


  1. As far as I know, Е
  2. I agree with the opinion of Е
  3. I could be wrong, but Е
  4. IТd definitely say that Е
  5. IТd guess/imagine that Е
  6. IТd say that Е
  7. IТm absolutely certain that Е
  8. IТm fairly confident that Е
  9. IТm no expert (on this), but Е
  10. IТm positive that Е
  11. IТm pretty sure that Е
  12. It seems to me that Е
  13. ItТs a complicated/difficult issue, but Е
  14. My (point of) view (on this) is Е
  15. Obviously, Е
  16. Some people may disagree with me, but Е
  17. This is just my opinion, but Е
  18. Without a doubt, Е
  19. You probably wonТt agree, but Е


  1. After much thought, Е
  2. After weighing up both sides of the argument, Е
  3. Although I can see both points of view / Although I can understand the opposite point of view, Е
  4. As I see it, ...
  5. Correct me if IТm wrong, but Е
  6. For me/ From my point of view, Е
  7. Frankly, Е
  8. I am not very familiar with this topic, but Е
  9. I do believe/ feel/think Е
  10. I have come to the conclusion that Е
  11. I might change my mind later, but Е
  12. I reckon/suppose Е
  13. I tend to think that Е
  14. IТm not sure IТm the right person to ask, but / I have very limited experience of this, but Е
  15. IТm pretty confident that Е
  16. IТve always thought that Е
  17. If you ask me, Е
  18. I'm (absolutely) convinced that Е
  19. In my humble opinion / IMHO, Е
  20. It could be said that Е
  21. It seems clear to me that Е
  22. It would seem to me that Е
  23. My initial reaction is Е
  24. Not everyone will/would agree with me, but Е
  25. Personally speaking / Speaking for myself, Е
  26. The way I see it (is) Е
  27. To be (perfectly) frank, Е
  28. To the best of my knowledge, Е
  29. What I think is Е
  30. You could say Е


  1. After giving this matter some (serious) thought, Е
  2. As far as I'm concerned, Е
  3. As the old saying goes, Е
  4. Having given this question due consideration, Е
  5. I am of the opinion that Е
  6. I canТt help thinking that Е
  7. I know this is a minority view, but / IТm in the minority in thinking that Е
  8. I tend towards the opinion that Е
  9. I think itТs fair/reasonable to say Е
  10. IТll tell you what I think, Е
  11. IТm entirely/quite convinced that Е
  12. IТve come the conclusion that Е
  13. If I must come up with an opinion / If you (really) want my opinion, Е
  14. In my limited experience, Е
  15. It could/might well be that Е
  16. Know what I think? Е
  17. My opinion was best expressed by Е when s/he said/wrote Е
  18. My view/position on this (issue) (is clear and) is that Е
  19. Off the top of my head, Е
  20. Plainly, Е
  21. Quite frankly, Е
  22. There is a part of me that says Е
  23. This may well be controversial, but Е
  24. To my mind / To my way of thinking, ...
  25. To summarise my (rather complex) views on the matter, Е
  26. What I always say is Е
  27. With some reservations, Е
  28. Without a shred/shadow of doubt, Е
  29. YouТd have to be crazy not to agree that / Any idiot can see that Е

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